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We are currently in PRIVATE SALE.

This means that, due to international guidelines, we are only allowed to release very limited information - especially no promotional information.

All information below is purely informative for existing investors or/and qualified new investors of the UNISON CASH project.

Our main points:

  • Alternative investment (ecologically sensible and sustainable)
  • Optimal possibility of asset and capital protection
  • Construction of self-sufficient islands of life worldwide
  • Establishing of local and globally networked service offerings for high return opportunities
  • Crisis preparedness and the possibility of retirement residences in safe areas

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Our way compared to other projects:

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We are currently in phase 0.1 of the PRIVATE SALE, in which a limited number of shares can be purchased directly at a unit price of 400 euros.

The entire PRIVATE SALE extends over 3 phases.

These shares can then be exchanged for tokenized shares at a ratio of 1 : 1,000,000 once the overarching legal construct has been established (see roadmap). Tokens from crowdfunding will be exchanged 1:1 into tokenized shares in this process.

The development of this page is done in the background (due to the above mentioned international restrictions) and will go live when the parent legal construct is registered in Europe and a securities prospectus is available.

Further information may only be given out personally in the course of the PRIVATE SALE. Please contact us for this purpose at info@unisoncash.com